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Gant, stylized as GANT, is an American Swedish clothing brand, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company was founded in 1949 by Bernard Gantmacher and was originally based in New Haven, Connecticut. Gant operates in 70 markets and its products are available at over 4 000 retailers and Gant-stores all over the world. "House of Gant" has three different collections: GANT, GANT Diamond G and


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Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Terrible Management for both corporate and in-stores."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Low pay Long hours Just excepted to do more and more"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Store manager has an astonishing lack of experience in the role given the background they have, Managers tasks are handed down the chain to the AM and sales staff."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management does not care about their employees, especially the ones who have worked there for a long time."


"Management was terrible. Could not trust anyone whithin the store. Very dramatric and emotionally driven management."

Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"3 CEOs in 2 years, constant restructuring, poor corporate culture"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not personal, people are quite stressed so you don't get that much support, unfortunately not that friendly atmosphere, no impact on the business"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Sales associate pay is way too low, inconsistent pay for managers, benefits also inconsistent with some managers given more than others, serious HR issues not dealt with quick enough, values are a nice idea but upper management don't live by them so why would anyone else?, Not enough incentives, lots of fun relaxation and propel building activities in head office paid for by the company but nothing for store staff who are on their feet all the time being a face to our customers, jobs given to people the business likes without it being advertised, slow progression, lack of staff meaning people getting borrowed from stores to cover regularly, maintenance issues in stores neglected to save money that has arguably been wasted elsewhere."

Worker (Former Employee) says

"The company and people are great, it is one of the last relaxed hotels in aspen you might find that is still of high class. There is only a couple things that will make you only want to stay a season or two. One is lower pay. For the first season the benefits you receive are more than enought to make the first aspen experience awesome, but the pay there has become a good deal lower than a lot of other properties in aspen. Two is lack of upward movement, most managers are lifers and when the spot does become available it's often filled by outside candidates as there is a low amount of middle management at the hotel. Three is slow approach to new hires and jobs needed. Management can be slow at filling vacant positions. Which I've seen more positions removed than new ones installed, and often the work is distributed among current employees making the job tiresome."

tamir sailing says

"They don't deliver items to the address you ask for, then give you a number of a house with multiple flats in it and tell you to go get it. APPALLING. As if I paid for doing walking and investigative work. Unacceptable. They should at least deliver to the right address."

Marcus says

"Pathetic. Company have really lost their direction, changed the logo to get rid of US badge. Altered how items are delivered. Used to be gift wrapped and sent in a box, ordered nearly £400 worth of goods, not packaged just thrown in an unlined plastic mailing envelope and filthy from the warehouse. Appalling. Even worse wanted to exchange one of the three polos because the size somehow was smaller, took it to my local gant store who had to refund this back onto my gift card online then I had to repurchase from them with cash. Such a sad state of affairs from a once reliable company. Focus has changed in terms of the product and the target market, run by absolute morons now so going to have to look elsewhere in future."

Sk says

"I was interviewed at Gant Stratford by a Asian lady. I believe her name started with a s. Whilst I was at the interview I was greeted with a very cold reception from her. None the less I did not let that bring me down. I went on to talking about my experiences at my recent place of work. The manager made fun of the company I work for. She called it “cheap” and “s**t”. I was shocked by the use of the language especially given that she was the store manager. I found it highly unprofessional and quite frankly rude. She brought her personal negative experiences about the company that I used to work for(Michael kors) to the interview and judged me by the company rather than the individual I was. She showed zero interest in getting my answers. She rushed me through all the questions and did not allow me to Finnish my sentences. Her body language shows how disinterested she was. She was slouching,leaning,tapping she showed no interest in the interview what so ever. She could not wait to finish the interview. She kept checking her phone like she had somewhere to be. I have not once received a smile from her. It was an overall awful experience I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone."

David Johnson says

"purchased a jacket and the first time i used it turned black from burgundy, in some parts looks very dirty which it is not, its also stained my white t-shirts. rang customer service and they said, i need to return it to store as they only deal with online orders. she didn't care. i live over an hour away from the store. very bad customer service for the price they charge."

Lee says

"I had a blazer arrive that was covered in creases, had threads hanging out of it and [worse of all] had clearly been on the warehouse floor because it was covered in white dirt and footprints. I tried to contact Gant twice (once by phone and once by email) but after three weeks STILL NO RESPONSE! I am absolutely disgusted by Gant as they clearly couldn't care less about customer service, and their warehouse is run by a bunch of chavs/neds! The fact that they don't even monitor or respond to these poor reviews on Trustpilot like other companies do sums them up really! I will never buy from them again!"

Nathan Jones says

"Pay for premium Saturday delivery and get it on the Tuesday but pass it off as a carrier issue. It wasn't issued to the carrier until the Monday. Premium brand with rubbish service."

Thomas says

"Low quality They use low quality cotton. Their clothes shrink more than other brands and easily get ruined with holes at the stitchings."

Steven Mcleod says

"I've been waiting over a week now for a baseball cap. I called a few days ago after eventually getting through to be told it will be with me on Saturday. Tried calling today with no answer. Checked the tracking and Hermes still have it from 4 days ago. In the space over that particular week on two separate occasion I've bought two t-shirts from Ma-Sturm that I have received with no problems at all. I have never ever bought from Gant and I wish I hadn't now. Absolutely appalling service."

Matthew A says

"Customer service has been awful - I purchased via a giftcard and credit card, sent an item back via their returns policy, and they refunded the whole refund value onto the giftcard! I started with a £100 gift card, spent £98 after returns and I still have £38 on gift card! they didn’t even tell me this was what they were doing.. Phoned up to try and resolve after they stopped answering my emails - kept on hold for ages, they don’t respond to voicemail- the one time I did get through I was pointed to the gift card terms on the website which in no way say that they will put credit card payments into gift card if it’s a mixed payment refund. Asked for a manager callback, not received any-I’ve had to the email the CEO to hopefully land with someone who can understand that the process is broken..."

Ed McGaughy says

"Absolutely shocking customer service. Sat on the phone for 30 minutes listening to the most annoying recorded message imaginable, then I was simply cut off with a message that no agents were available."

Jonathan Sim says

"Poor customer services. Tried to swap to a different sized Gant shirt bought from a Gant store and had issues. Told that its against policy and experience was very poor/demeaning. Would avoid in future"

Randal Emery says

"WOW they just closed all of the US stores Its a shame, I've seen the slow decline of one of my favorites I went to an event at the US office years back, invited by my stylist. I miss that WWD did a story on then US CEO Justin Cupps, I was huge fan. I went to the stores often. Apparently It took them way too long to fire him and Global Head Patrick Nilsson. Goes to show what bad management will do, and who knew it was based in Sweden I unfortunately have seen the quality decrease let alone the styles. So little to pick from and styles or just not how it use to I miss diamond G I miss buying online and at stores in the USA I miss designer looks"

Stephen Kendrick says

"What is happening to GANT, I loved the style and quality, in the last two years the quality has deteriorated beyond recognition, trouser zips last less than a month, the stitching is coming undone along seams leaving holes, I was an avid purchaser of GANT and particularly loved the shirts until recently purchasing one with a hole in, Ralph Lauren it is for me now."

wendy hosford says

"Service is terrible takes days for them to ship and then weeks to refund returned goods."

Tore Skobba says

"Bought a Rugger sweater from a Gant store in Norway, got a big hole after first wash and started tearing. Poor quality on the stitching."